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The Marble Color Decide Its Price

The Marble Color Decide Its Price

Marble is favor by people by its solid quality and gorgeous color. Aconsumer who purchased the marble said that marble stone is solid with variouscolors, the option scope is huge, customers could choose one or severaldifferent colors to collocate, the adornment effect is good, as well as thefeeling of gorgeous. But at the same time, the customer also said that theoption of marble is a nuisance, because the natural marble with the same colorexisting chromatism, so you should go to warehouse with the merchants to selectwhen you decide to buy. In order to avoid the chromatism is not too big, anddestroy the whole adornment effect

Marble color is still an important factorthat determines the price. According to the introduction by businessman, sincethe mine is less, the price of the marble with special color is more expensive.In general, the price that the color which is approximate to the ore color is100 RMB/square metre, while the same specifications in red, black, greenmarble, the price is between 300 to 500 RMB /square meters. And the granite stoneis on the down way, the price of some varieties is unexpectedly dropped forseveral times, but the price of marble becomes higher and higher, the price ofpartial variety increase nearly a quarter.

For this phenomenon, the explanation ofbusiness is that the customer who opts for the granite is fewer and fewer.Especially since 2005, people pay more attention on the environmentalprotection, most people think that granite has radiation, and the class is notso high, thus, people would like to choose the marble stone. The manager saidthat 'every customer who would like to see the granite will ask the questionabout radiation, we naturally have to tell them the truth, some varietiesreally existing bigger radiation, so fewer people would like to buy it.